KE Aesthetics - inspired

Kerry felt it was time for a logo update and thought that the ideal time was while creating a new website with Michelle at Evolve Digital Solutions.  While she wasn't completely sure about what she wanted for the new brand she did know that the wallpaper in the studio made her happy; the colours, style and images all provided great inspiration.

I started with creating a colour palette from the wallpaper - Kerry's brief had been that she wanted the logo to be modern and elegant with a feminine edge.  The palette encompassed all of this. 

I looked for a typeface that also met those guidelines.  I kept is simple and professional but with a little flourish to stave off too clinical a feel.  Kerry was delighted wiht the end result.


From there I started on the business card layout.  We both felt it needed more than just the logo and contact details - it needed softening.  So again we drew from the wallpaper and developed the monstera images.  Kerry loved them so much she decided to feature them in various situations over the website.

Lastly, Kerry needed a fresh window decal for her studio.  I was able to liaise directly between the

sign-writers and Kerry to produce a suitable design.  

Combining all the elements really made her window pop!  

See the live website here

New logo

KE Aesthetics logo.jpg

Colour palette 

KE Aesthetics palette.jpg

Inspiration for colours and styles were taken from this wallpaper in the studio

KE Aesthetics wallpaper.jpg

Business cards

KE Aesthetics biz card.jpg

Monstera leaves for logo, web and social media use.

KE Aesthetics monstera.jpg

Fresh new window decal

KE Aesthetics window.jpg

KE Aesthetics old logo

ke old.jpg